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Before Alteration

Existing Living room/ Entry and new wing

Country Residence, Maungakawa, Waikato, Portfolio

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Garden view with Kitchen & Family room

View from Garden, showing Kitchen, Family Room, Living Room, & Bedrooms to 1st floor

Existing portion with Entry/Living Room & new wing beyond with garage & Bedrooms over

Award Winning Architectural Designer


New garage and bedrooms

New garage† with Bedrooms above

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BeforeOutdoor living

Outdoor living off Family Room & Living Room

New Kitchen/Family room & Bedroom wing

New Kitchen/Family Room, Bedroom wing

Gainsborough House, Cambridge

†††††††††††† Gainsborough was for many years a private residence in northern Hamilton and spending the balance of itís time in Hamilton as a bar & restaurant, eventually being removed for site development. Additions carried out during the period as a restaurant were not very sympathetic to the original house.

†††††††††††† The house came to the attention of the Owners while sitting on drums in a removal yard. Upon purchase the Clientsí brief called for the relocation to a country site and sympathetic conversion of the Hamilton landmark into a spacious , five bedroom family home and homestay for the discerning traveller.

†††††††††††† Before restoration the house† consisted of only the front portion of the original house and had been cut into two sections. No residential facilities remained, so Kitchen, Laundry and Bathrooms had to be provided.

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